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Law reserves rights. As a citizen of the country we should be conscious about our rights. And these rights are guarded by the law of that country. All citizens must have fundamental concept of the laws so that they can implement law in proper way.

In Bangladesh codified laws are enough but application of laws in practical life is very difficult for general people. This is because of our negligence and unawareness towards law. Moreover, use of complex language in codification of laws made the law more difficult to understand. That’s why we can’t get advantage of the law very easily. Many people suffer for not taking appropriate legal steps in proper time and also face frauds only because of lack of knowledge about law. That’s how we lose our own rights. To follow the rules and regulations of law in proper way, we have to know law, study law and also have to take advice from experts or lawyers.

'Lawthinkers' is intended to make a conscious community.  This site will be helpful and useful guide to the students, teachers, legal practitioners and to lay men.


For  improvement of this site any direction, opinion and suggestion will be received cordially.

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  1. thanks for the initiative

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