Bare Acts of Bangladesh

Meaning of Bare Act: 

Bare act consists only the sections or provisions alone and not any commentary, judgements, case laws and rules. It means that the book contains the Act alone, without any Rules framed thereunder or without any case law quoting court judgements and even without a commentary on the provisions of the Act.

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Civil Laws

Business Laws

Criminal Laws

Fiscal Laws





























Civil Laws

01. The Code of Civil Procedure 1908

02. The Civil Courts Act 1887

03. The Limitation Act 1908

04. The Registration Act 1908

05. The Specific Relief Act 1877

06. রাষ্ট্রীয় অধিগ্রহণ ও প্রজাস্বত্ন আইন, ১৯৫০



























Business Laws:

01. The Consumer-Right Protection Act, 2009-Bangla

       Subordinate Legislations to this Law:

            (a) SRO No 236 2010-The Consumer-Right Protection Fund (Accounts & Audit) Regulation, 2010

            (b) SRO No 235-Law 2010-The Consumer-Right Protection (Meetings & Procedures) Rules 2010 

            (c) SRO No. 160-Law2009

            (d) SRO No.002-Law2009

02. High Tech Park Authority Act 2010 (pdf file format)

       The Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority Act, 2010 (word file format)





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