Marriage between Foreigner with religion other than Muslim and Muslim in Bangladesh

If a Foreigner with religion other than Muslim(i.e. Hindu/Christian/Buddha etc.) man/woman wants to marry a Muslim woman/man then this marriage will be solemnized and registered under The Special Marriage Act 1872.

Procedure that our law chamber arrange for Special Marriage between two different religious persons :

Step 1: Consultancy: To avoid any dispute or trouble in future we listen to the bride and groom's situation and advise according to their legal status. We also try to secure their legal rights and take steps to avoid future trouble or dispute.

Step 2. The foreigner groom/bride must have to stay in Bangladesh at least 15 days for complete the marriage procedure.  Within the time we will Prepare an Affidavit of Declaration of Marriage for them and attest the affidavit before notary public. 

              For affidavit you have to bring following documents:

              1. One passport sized photos each of the groom and bride

              2. National ID Card/ Passport that proves the groom has attained 21 years of age

                  and the bride has attained 18 years of age.

Step 3.  Appointment of marriage registrar: The groom and the bride must fix a date for marriage registration at least 14 days time laps. Bride and groom need to fill up a form of Notice of Marriage. We take appointment for marriage registration by sending the Notice of Marriage to the marriage registrar 14 days earlier from the chosen marriage registration date by the groom and bride.

Step 4. Special Marriage Registration: After completion of 14 days countdown and the date of marriage registration comes, Law Thinkers arrange marriage registration procedure. The groom and the bride should bring following necessary documents at the marriage registrar office:  

          1. 2 passport sized photos each of the groom and bride

          2. National ID Card/ Passport that proves the groom has attained 21 years of age 

              and the bride has attained 18 years of age.

          3. Witnesses at least two person and also the person who will be their guardian.

              If you can't bring witnesses and the guardian then we can arrange them.

The bride and the groom have to fill up the form of Declaration and sign the documents with the witnesses. They also have to sign on the special marriage register book and the marriage certificate.

Step 5. Later we collect the marriage certificate on behalf of them.

IMPORTANT: Law Thinkers can arrange the marriage procedure in one-two days in case of urgency. But the foreigner bride or groom must have prove of fifteen days stay in Bangladesh.

Special Marriage Certificate Specimen: 

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